Sunday, July 16, 2023

1899KHz PRE NET TESTING for 07-16-2023

1530ut-1540ut WW8II transmits a steady 1 KW CW carrier with Id for 10 minutes
1545ut-1555ut AB4AM transmits a steady 1KW CW carrier with id for 10 minutes

W4DEX receives and records the signals using spectrum lab

AB4AM is a NE 216 mile path
WW8II is a SE 510 mile path

1530ut D layer 7.00db, Solar event C1.70 ------------------------------------------
1535ut D layer 8.00db, Solar event C1.72 WW8II transmits for 10 minutes
1540ut D layer 7.50db, Solar event C1.68 ------------------------------------------

1545ut D layer 7.00db, Solar event C1.70 -------------------------------------------
1550ut D layer 8.25db, Solar event C1.70 AB4AM transmits for 10 minutes
1555ut D layer 7.00db, Solar event C1.67 -------------------------------------------

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