Thursday, January 31, 2019

Big change is both propagation and activity today.  KP2AE and W4DEX were the only ones on in the South East.  KGØVL and K3ACE showed up on Netlogger page.  

Signals between KP2AE and W4DEX was S9 today with no noticeable QSB.  The only other station heard at W4DEX was W2RLB who was Q5 copy most of the time while he was in QSO with someone.  K3ACE was also hearing W2RLB but neither he or W4DEX was able to contact W2RLB.  

KGØVL reported light copy on W2RBL.  Multiple tries between W4DEX and KGØVL produced no results.

Quote from
"THE SOLAR WIND HAS ARRIVED: Earth is entering a stream of solar wind flowing from a large hole in the sun's atmosphere. Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible in the hours ahead as solar wind speeds potentially top 600 km/s."

Space Weather Message Code: WARK05
Serial Number: 1509
Issue Time: 2019 Jan 31 1346 UTC
WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 5 expected
Valid From: 2019 Jan 31 1347 UTC
Valid To: 2019 Jan 31 1800 UTC
Warning Condition: Onset
NOAA Scale: G1 - Minor

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1900 kHz propagation was certainly different today from what we've seen recently. None of the more distant receptions were made. The most distant was AB4AM who was good copy at S4 at W4DEX at 216 miles. But this is below what the path has recently been.

The only other stations local to W4DEX was K4CFZ, KB2UE and KP2AE. For most of the half hour session KP2AE was S9+ at W4DEX at 51 miles. Almost instantly the signal dropped to S1 and over the next 5 minutes QSB was very fast.

As can be seen by the chart below there has been more solar x-ray flux hitting the ionosphere D layer recently. This seems to be responsible for the change in propagation today.

Space Weather Message Code: ALTEF3 Serial Number: 2898
ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu Issue
Time: 2019 Jan 30 1626 UTC
Station: GOES
Threshold Reached: 2019 Jan 30 1627 UTC

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today before 1700UT there was more solar x-ray flux than we had yesterday.  The chart below show one peak hitting the C class flare level. 

The shorter paths were again down from what we have seen over the past few months at W4DEX .   Even the 51 mile path to KP2AE was only about S5 instead of the usual S9.  Also we noticed more QSB than normal.   WB4WJC at 192 miles averaged only S2 where S7 has been typical.

The slightly longer paths seemed to peak at what has been normal but with deep QSB fades.  AB4AM at 216 miles was S9 at times with dips to about S3.  K4DBK's signal ranged from S7 to S2 but never.

K4DBK was able to make complete exchanges with AB4AM and W4DEX (308 miles).  K4DBK also worked W3BQG with a S9 report.

Again the real surprise was the KGØVL to W4DEX 808 mile path which was slightly better than yesterday.  Click on link below for mp3 audio file of KGØVL's signal as heard at W4DEX. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

We saw somewhat mixed conditions today on 1900 kHz.  The WB4EZ to W4DEX, 202 mile path, was weak today over multiple transmissions.  Typically the signal at W4DEX is around S3 to S5 with some QSB.  Also there was no copy on WW8II in CW mode at all the NC and SC stations.  WW8II has been heard in CW mode every time he has been known to be present for the past several months.  

Signal strength among the NC and SC stations present today may have been down slightly today but if so by very little.  KU4XR joined us today for the first time and was copied well by KP2AE at 163 miles but he was weak on the 280 mile path to W4DEX.  

Due to the signals from WB4EZ being weak and no signal from WW8II at W4DEX, the real surprise was the 808 mile path to KGØVL was Q5 at times.

WW8II reported a QSO with W3BQG

Stations know to be present today are WA1AC, KP2AE, KW4DE, KGØVL, WB4EZ, AB2UE, KU4XR,  WW8II, W3BQG and W4DEX

Sunday, January 27, 2019

W4DEX missed the activity again today due to the Winter Field Day event.  However what was received on 1900 kHz today at W4DEX was recorded.  After reviewing the recording it appears propagation today was better than yesterday.  No NC, SC or GA stations were heard but signals were good from the following.

N3EIO S5 with slight QSB.  396 miles
W3BQG was S2 with QSM into the noise at times.  342 miles
K4DBK S6 peaks with some QSB down to S1.  308 miles
W3RL S2 with QSB into the noise.  303 miles
WA4PGI S7 with very little QSB.  176 miles

Saturday, January 26, 2019

W4DEX was not on today for the 1730UT test due to setting up for Winter Field Day.  However the frequency was recorded for later review.   Stations heard were WA1AC S8, WW8II CW 559 and SSB S1, K4DBK S1, WA9FDO S5, W2RLB/2 S2 and N4AOW S1.  Stations know to be on due to having a QSO with one of the above was W3BQG, N3EIO and WO4L.

The above stations that were received were noticeably down in signal strength compared to previous time heard.   Perhaps this was due to a C class solar flare that occurred just prior to 1700 UT.  

Friday, January 25, 2019

Low turnout today for the test in the NC, SC, GA, VA area. SC was the winner with WA1AC, W2AZQ and KP2AE present. W4DEX was the only NC station on and there were no participants from VA and GA that we heard. Signals were fair over these less than 100 mile paths with moderate QSB. 

WW8II on CW was heard 529 by W4DEX but much weaker than what his signal has been recently. WW8II worked AA9DE at 168 miles.

KGØVL's CW signal was barely detected by W4DEX and he reported this same his way. That 808 mile path has produced Q5 CW contacts and a few Q5 SSB contacts during the first few weeks of January. WW8II also reported KGØVL's CW much weaker than what has been the recent normal. KGØVL reported hearing AA9DE weak on ssb.

W4DEX heard W8TB calling CQ on CW and tried to make contact but no QSO was made. Later W4DEX heard weak SSB with no copy but was informed it was W8TB in QSO with WG3FU, a 115 mile path.

The solar X-Ray flux was higher today and the solar winds was also higher at around 600 km/sec.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Local signals today were way down from yesterday.  WB4EZ who has been averaging S5 recently was S1 at W4DEX over the 202 mile path.  Hardly no QSB was observed.   KW4DE and KP2AE noticed the same lower signal from WB4EZ.  WB4WCJ was also weak but readable at W4DEX which is below what we've recently seen.

WA4PGI was S5 at W4DEX on that 175 mile path which isn't much less than what we've recently seen.  KP2AE and KW4DE also reported about normal signal level from WA4PGI

WW8II was heard on CW by all in NC, SC and VA but his signal wasn't near as strong as recently seen. 

WW8II reported a 599 CW QSO with KGØVL at 444 miles.  Maybe the more northern latitude paths were better than at lower latitudes.  

At the end of the daily test W4DEX did make a quick 519 both way, 808 mile, CW QSO with KGØVL.   

WA1AC reported his antenna was down due to an overnight storm.

The solar X-ray flux was a bit higher today due to the recent reappearance of sunspot group 2733.  Also noted was an increase in solar wind speed which was above 600 km/sec.  Some geomagnetic field disturbance is expected so tomorrow's session will be interesting.    

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Propagation out to about 400 miles was good today.  All stations reported good signals with some slow QSB. It has been noted many times that when QSB on WB4EZ's signal is at a minimum at W4DEX (202 miles) the signal at KP2AE (252 miles) is near maximum for the day.   KP2AE reported WB4EX hitting S9 at times today.  KW4DE also reported WB4EZ hitting S9 at times.  

 AB4AM and WB4EZ had a two way exchange at 405 miles.  WB4EZ runs 100 watts to a dipole.   AB4AM reported KP2AE hitting S9 at times.  AB4AM also made a two way exchange with W4DEX and KW4DE.

The more distant paths that have been made over the past week or so were not made today.KGØVL was on but no contact made with WW8II or W4DEX that have been done recently.

WW8II on CW was heard by KP2AE, W4DEX, KW4DE and WB4EZ who reported his signal at near S9.  However not two way exchange was made.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Conditions were somewhat different today.  Much more fast QSB than what we've become to expect as normal.  Perhaps that is due to faster changing solar wind speed today.  Compare the solar wind speed on the chart below to the previous days chart.  Also the solar X-ray flux was just slightly elevated.

Today we started with a quick CQ QSO between KGØVL and W4DEX at 808 miles.  KGØVL now runs about 700 watts. 

KGØVL copied and reply to a CW call from WA4PGI but no contact made.  It's obvious KGØVL has a much lower noise location.    

At W4DEX KP2AE (51 miles) was the usual S9.  Even though that is a short path we have seen times signals were very weak.  WB4EZ (202 miles) had wide fairly fast QSB swings from S2 to S6. WB4WCJ (192 miles) was much weaker than on the previous days averaging just S2 but not as much QSB as on the WB4EZ path.  

W2RLB was heard at W4DEX (537 miles) but no QSO was made

Monday, January 21, 2019

No long distant contacts made today that we are aware of.   Noise due to dry air and wind was annoying again today.  QSB was much more noticable today than over the past few days but overall signals were good Q5 copy out to about 250 miles. 

At W4DEX AB4AM averaged S6, WB4WCJ S3, W2AZQ S5, WA4LDU S5, KP2AE S6, WA4PGI S5, WB4EZ S5, N3RFO just detectable, and WW8II on CW was 529.

AB4AM reported copying W2AZQ S9 at times

W2AZQ and WA4LDU had good copy on everyone except the more distant stations, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, WW8II and N3RFO.  WA4LDU had AB4AM and WB4WCJ S9 at times with deep QSB.

WA4PGI had a Q4 CW QSO with WW8II.

KP2AE reported hearing WB4EZ near S9 at times.  Much stronger that WB4EZ was at W4DEX 50 miles closer.  

WB4WCJ copied W2AZQ, WA4LDU, KP2AE, AB4AM and W4DEX Q5.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Most everyone reported high noise levels due to high winds and colder temperatures today.  However propagation seemed to still be good with several 500+ mile Q5 copy reports on peaks. 

Heard at W4DEX was WA4PGI S5, WB5EZ S6, W4NUS S5, K4DBK S5, K3QYE S7, W4BQG S2, WW8II S5, N3RFO S1, KX3DM S1.

K4DBK reported WA4PGI S9, N3RFO S9, WW8II S9, W4BQG S9, N3ARW S9, N2KMS S9.

WW8II reported WA4PGI S9, KX3DM S9, K4DBK S9, K8MRS S9, K3QYE S9

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Good propagation continues with signals up a bit from yesterday.  Stations known to be on or heard were KP2AE, WB4EZ, W4NUS, WA4PGI, KC2UT, WW8II, N4AOW, W3BQG, WG3FU, W2RLB and KGØVL.

WW8II had complete QSOs with N4AOW, WG3FU, W2RLB, W4DEX and WB4EZ

KP2AE reported hearing N4AOW S9 just prior to 17:30 UT.  He also had good copy on WA4PGI, WB4EZ, W4DEX and at times WW8II.

WA4PGI had a good path to W3BGQ and a solid QSO was made.


From KGØVL:    "Lots of signals today, heard several qso's going on at the same time.
Good signal from you today, heard you the entire time and you peaked around 1800 utc and were actually moving my s-meter"

W2RLB describing station as heard at W4DEX:


Friday, January 18, 2019

Big turnout today with several new stations participating and some good DX contacts made.  Stations active today:  N3RFO, W4NUS, AB4AM, WA1AC, KP2AE, WA4PGI, WW8II, WB4EZ, AB3C, W3BQG, KM4PFF, W8WIL, KGØVL, and W4DEX.

QSB was noticeably more dramatic today than recently observed.  KP2AE copied WB4EZ S9 at times while WB4EZ was S1 at W4DEX.  Most all present had good copy on other stations during brief peaks.

A few of the most distant QSOs:
WA1AC to N3RFO at 355 miles
WA1AC to W8WIL at 351 miles
WW8II to W4DEX at  510 miles
KGØVL to W4DEX at 808 miles
WA4PGI to WW8II at 358 miles
WA4PGI to WA1AC at 250 miles

Audio clip of the WA1AC - W8WIL QSO:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The three 300+ mile paths tested today were noticeably weaker that yesterday.  One difference in solar conditions that stands out is the solar wind speed.  Yesterday the solar wind speed was slightly below 400 km/sec while today it was over 500 km/sec.  

KGØVL on CW was weak but readable at W4DEX today while conditions permitted two way SSB yesterday at 808 miles.  

WW8II was also below SSB copy today at W4DEX but still good CW copy at 510 miles.

W8LXJ on SSB was good copy at W4DEX, 316 miles, but not near as strong as yesterday.

W4NUS was on and had good reception of W8LXJ but no two way contact was made.  

KW4DE made a complete exchange with W8LXJ at approximately 332 miles.

WB4OQX checked in just as the activity was closing and was QSO quality at KW4DE and W4DEX at 292 miles

Also AB2UE checked in just as the net was closing.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Several nice distant SSB contacts made today:

W8LXJ -W4DEX (316 miles)
WW8II - KGØVL (444 miles)
WW8II - W4DEX (510 miles)
KGØVL - W8LXJ (522 miles)
KGØVL - W4DEX (808 miles)

WA4PGI was S9 at times at W4DEX.  KP2AE was S9+10 at W4DEX.  Everyone had excellent copy on W8LXJ.




Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Propagation at midday continues to be good between those known to have been on.  Bruce, WW8II, was heard Q5 at times on both CW and SSB by KP2AE (508 miles), WB4EZ (453 miles), WA4PGI (358 miles) and W4DEX (510 miles) .  WW8II also heard on peaks everyone including N4MQ (386 miles).  Complete two way contacts with WW8II were logged by WA4PGI, WB4EZ and W4DEX.  WW8II also reported a S9 QSO with W8TZA.

Signal strength on the shorter paths between KP2AE, WA4PGI, WB4EZ and W4DEX were about equal to the strongest observed over the past years of conducting the midday test. 

Solar wind
Speed: 407.8 km/sec

Monday, January 14, 2019

Propagation remained good again today.  On  was KP2AE, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, N4MQ, AD4HG and W4DEX.  Good copy on all at W4DEX.  KP2AE had excellent copy on all but N4MQ which is about 340 miles.  N4MQ at 292 miles was good copy at W4DEX averaging S5 copy.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Good turnout again today for the test.  Stations heard at W4DEX were WB4EZ (S3), WA4LDU (S5), WB4WCJ (S3), WA1AC (S9), K4DBK (S3), N3EIO (S3), W2RLB/2 (S5), WW8II (S2).  Also known to be on but not heard were W4SWR, N2KEJ and WA8DHQ.  

Most distant QSOs known to have been made:
W2RLB/2 - WA4LDU  approximately   567 miles
W2RLB/2 - WA1AC    approximately   543 miles
W2RLB/2 - W4DEX    approximately   473 miles
WW8II     - W4DEX                              510 miles

Solar Wind Speed at 17:45 = 296 km/sec

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Lots of activity again this Saturday.  Heard Q5 here at W4DEX was WB4EZ (S7), K4DBK (S5), WA1AC (S7), KD4RLD (S7) , NØVHN (S5), AB4AM (S9), KGØVL (S1), W8LXJ (S5), N4SVC (S5), N4AOW (S5), WW8II (2) and I know there was others I missed.  The path to WB4EZ (202 miles) was equal to best head over the past year.  Other signals were good but not the best heard on the previously logged stations. 

A few audio clips as heard 30 miles east of Charlotte, NC:





From Jeff, KGØVL: "Good copy on W4DEX, S1 to S2 when not clobbered by qrm. Workable stations included (but not limited to): AB4AM, W4DEX, N4AOW, KC2UT, NØVHN, WW8II. Perhaps I am incorrect, but I believe I copied N4SVC as well."


Longwave broadcast receptions here last evening was the best was the best of the season.
Ireland on 252 kHz was especially good copy: 

And Michael Jackson's Thriller on 171 kHz, Morocco:

Friday, January 11, 2019

Another interesting session of the 1900 kHz 1730UT activity.  Local signals were considerable down and greatly varied from what we've had recently.  WA4LDU, 100 miles averaged only S3 with a few S7 peaks but also frequently getting close to the noise at W4DEX.  KP2AE at 50 miles was closer to normal at S7 also with deep QSB.  At 216 miles AB4AM's signal was more stable averaging S5.  W3BQG, Dick in PA running 500 watts at 342 miles was fairly stable with averaging S2 copy at W4DEX.  WW8II running 1.5 kw at 510 miles was stable at S2 to S3 copy. WB4WCJ in Hardeeville, SC at 208 miles had some QSB peaking S3 but never got close to the noise like the closer stations.  W4NUS was also on and heard AB4AM, WA4LDU and KP2AE.

WW8II as heard at W4DEX:

W3BQG as heard at W4DEX:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Propagation today provided very good signals out to about 250 miles.  WW8II at 510 miles was weak but Q5 most of the time on CW with some SSB Q5 peaks at W4DEX.  AB4AM was able to make contact with KP2AE, K4CFZ, KW4DE, W4NUS and W4DEX.  WB4EZ was very good copy at all but AB4AM, about 400 miles, and WW8II, about 460 miles. WA1AC checked in late but was heard well by KW4DE, K4CFZ, W4NUS, KP2AE and W4DEX.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Had a new station, Paul WB4WCJ, join us today but overall turnout was low and propagation was just fair.
WB4WCJ in Hardeeville, SC at 208 miles was about Q3 copy part of the time at W4DEX.  AD4HG at 141 miles was Q5 S3 most of the time and WA4PGI at 175 miles was Q5 S5 at W4DEX.  KP2AE was hearing AD4HG and WA4PGI well but did not hear WB4WCJ.  

At end of session there was a weak two way exchange between KGØVL and W4DEX at 808 miles.  Signals were way down from the past several days that path was made on SSB.  

Audio file of CW RST sent by KGØVL:

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stations active today that we are aware of were WB4EZ, WA4PGI, K4RCA, K4CFZ, KP2AE, KW4DE, WW8II and KGØVL

Solar X-ray flux was very low and the K index was 2.

Signal strength over the 200 to 250 mile paths were good with WB4EZ averaging about S6 at W4DEX, KW4DE, KP2AE and K4CFZ.  WA4PGI at about 175 miles averaged about S7.  K4RCA averaged S5.  


Even so he was able to exchange signal reports with WA4PGI on CW.

KGØVL reported hearing WW8II and WA4PGI on CW and probably could have made an exchange with them. He was also hearing W4DEX and KW4DE on SSB.

At the close of the session KGØVL did QSO KW4DE and W4DEX. The KGØVL / KW4DE path is 824 miles which is the best DX so far this activity.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The day after the three little solar flares produced some interesting propagation.  Locally, out to 175 miles, signals were way up from normal.  WA4PGI was S9+ at times at KP2AE, KW4DE and W4DEX  W4NUS, with lots of local city noise even copied WA4PGI for the first time.  There was some noticeable QSB as usual.  KGØVL running 200 watts at 808 miles was also worked by W4DEX although signals were weak.  He was also heard by KP2AE and KW4DE.  AB2UE showed up just as were finishing today's session.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Propagation was back to about normal today even though there was several C class X-ray flare prior to 1730 UT.  Present today, that we are aware of, were K4CFZ, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, WW8II, W3BQG and W4DEX.  WW8II on CW was heard by all.  WA4PGI had a CW exchange with him.  WA4PGI also had a SSB QSO with W4BQG who was not heard by K4CFZ and W4DEX.  WB4EZ was good copy at W4DEX and K4CFZ with little QSB.

Yesterday's enhanced propagation happen the day after the small X-ray flare on the 4th.  We will see tomorrow if todays flares enhance propagation.  That is if there are no more flares tomorrow.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Big turnout today and great propagation!  On today and copied most of the time by W4DEX was:

    K4DBK       Dennis      Reston, VA                308 miles
    W4HM        Howard    Harpers Ferry, WV    316 miles
    WA9FDO    Mike        Brownsburg, IN         316 miles
    KGØVL      Jeff           Fairbank, IA               808 miles  (Best DX)
    WA4PGI     Gene        Covington, VA           176 miles
    KD4RLD    Brian        Troy, NC                     29 miles
    WB4EZ      Johnny     Church Road, VA      202 miles
    KM4GBM  Nelson     Brodnax, VA              165 miles
    WA4LDU   Joe           Lexington, SC           212 miles
    AJ4EN        Bobby     Gray Court, SC          103 miles
    KP2AE       Joe           Clover, SC                   51 miles
    W4NUS     Guy          Charlotte, NC              24 miles
    AB4AM     Rob          Dawsonville, GA       216 miles
    K3BM        Jim           Monroe, PA                359 miles
    N9HLL       Rick         Lebanon, IN               316 miles

Two way exchange was made with all except K3BM.

WA4PGI, WA4LDU, WB4EZ, KD4RLD and KP2AE had good copy on KGØVL at times and probably could have made a complete QSO had they caught Jeff on a peak.  WA4LDU to KGØVL is 833 miles.

Jeff, KGØVL, reported:   strong magnetic conditions here in Iowa last night around 0500 utc,  with good aurora cw  returns from the EN09/b on 50 mcs.  You are now calling on 1.900 at 1818 utc and very loud.  In fact, I can hear you in the other room!


Friday, January 4, 2019

Local propagation, out to about 100 miles, was way up from normal today.  Signals between KP2AE, K4CFZ,  WA4LDU and W4DEX were S9 at times.  WB4EZ at 200 miles from W4DEX was S1 going into the noise at times.  W8TB showed up on NetLogger.  Most of us in NC/SC could detect his signal but had no copy.  WB4EZ at about 350 miles from W8TB did have some copy at times.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Just mediocre conditions today.  Stations known to be on were AB4AM, KD4MDA, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, KW4DE and W4DEX.  The 200 mile path between WB4EZ and W4DEX was S3 at best with QSB into the noise.  WA4PGI to W4DEX was about S5 with deep QSB.  AB4AM was heard well by W4DEX, KW4DE and KD4MDA.  

The solar x-ray flux has been increasing for the past few days.  No idea at this time if that has anything to do with mid-day160M propagation.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

On today that we were aware of was WA4LDU, KP2AE, K4CFZ, W4DEX and AB4AM.  Signal levels were fair with lots of QSB.  AB4AM has a big signal but also had big local noise.  However he was able to copy WA4LDU and W4DEX on QSB peaks.  No one heard in VA or above.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Low turnout today.  Only KP2AE and W4DEX.  On that path propagation was fair to good with some deep QSB fades.  Both could tell there was activity to the north.  K4DBK was heard enough to catch his call.  One other station, WA9FDO, was good Q5 at times.