Wednesday, August 23, 2023

23 August 2023

16:21 WW8II-BRUCE: Solar flux 151, A-index 8, K-index 1

16:44 WW8II-BRUCE: Magnetometers @1640ut GOES 16 105nt, GOES 18, 99.6nt

16:46 WW8II-BRUCE: Solar wind @ 1638ut 418km/s, PHI 242, Density 3.75p/cm3

CW Reports:
KG0VL-JEFF: 2 minute CW schedule: KGØVL 1640, KØAWU 1642, K5HFG 1644, W4DEX 1646

16:42 K0AWU-BILL: KG0VL -- START 0, 0-det, 2db, 2-5db, at 1 MIN 0-3db, 0-5db, 0-4db, 0-5db, a END 5-10db

16:42 KW4DE-DARRELL: KG0VL cw not heard today, quiet condx, no static

16:42 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL CW no signal detected

16:43 K5HFG-DON: KG0VLno detect

16:44 W4DEX-DEX: K0AWU CW no signal detected

16:44 KW4DE-DARRELL: K0AWU cw no usable copy today, but background noise condx., change sometimes during Bill's time slot. ??

16:45 KG0VL-JEFF: KØAWU: very weak CW carrier heard. Average signal around 10db above the noise, with a brief peak of around 16db above the noise.

16:45 W4DEX-DEX: K5HFG CW no signal detected

16:46 K0AWU-BILL: K5HFG -- Nothing heard or detected with SpecLab

16:46 KW4DE-DARRELL: K5HFG cw not heard today

16:46 K5HFG-DON: K0AWU no detect

16:46 KG0VL-JEFF: K5HFG: no detection

16:48 K0AWU-BILL: W4DEX -- Nothing heard or detected with SpecLab

16:48 K5HFG-DON: W4DEX no detect

16:48 KW4DE-DARRELL: W4DEX cw 599 with deep qsb fading up to 10 S units at 5 sec intervals

16:48 KP2AE-JOE: no dx today w4dex 569 mostly GW louzy day for loals

16:48 WA4LDU-JOE: W4DEX cw 429 with QSB - solid trace on spec lab - no other signals detected

16:49 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX: very weak and broken visual detection

Received at W4DEX:

Received at KGØVL:

SSB Reports:
16:33 W4DEX-DEX: KP2AE SSB first transmission 42, now barely detectable

16:33 W4DEX-DEX: K4CSO SSB 52

16:36 WA4LDU-JOE: ssb barely detectable

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