Tuesday, February 6, 2024

06 February 2024

16:55 WW8II-BRUCE: solar flare C5.14 peaked @ 1614 ut C5.14, and was still C2.64 @ 1647ut

17:18 WW8II-BRUCE: Magnetometers @ 1710ut both GOES 16 & 18 were equal 105nt

17:20 WW8II-BRUCE: Solar wind @ 1713ut 466km/s, PHI 163, density 1.11p/cm3

CW Reports:
KG0VL-JEFF: 2 minute CW schedule: W4DEX 1710, WY3T 1712, KGØVL 1714, WW8II 1716

17:12 WW8II-BRUCE: W4DEX start det??, det??, 2-3db, 2-3db, 1 min 3-5db NO tone, det, 4db, 8db, 8db, EOT 5-8-3

17:12 WY3T-TIM: W4DEX cw no copy . . detected faint in the noise

17:12 KP2AE-JOE: w4dex 579 with deep qsb some SW fair/poor day for locals

17:12 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX: faint CW carrier heard, good visual detection. Peaked 16db above the noise.

17:14 WW8II-BRUCE: WY3T no signal detected

17:14 KP2AE-JOE: wy3t some cpy at times mostly just in noise

17:15 W4DEX-DEX: WY3T CW heard but no copy during first 20 seconds and at eot, good visual peaks with fades into the noise floor

17:16 KG0VL-JEFF: WY3T: no signal detected

17:15 WW8II-BRUCE: KG0VL start copy call 519, 24db, 25db, copy call 529, 24db copy call 529, 1 min 24db, 23db, copy 529, 22db, copy 529 EOT 24db

17:16 WY3T-TIM: KG0VL cw no copy/detect

17:16 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL CW not heard, visual only 10 dB above noise

17:18 WY3T-TIM: WW8II cw no copy/detect

17:18 W4DEX-DEX: WW8II CW near steady 569 full transmission

17:19 KG0VL-JEFF: WW8II 549, peaked 40db above the noise.

Received at W4DEX:

Received at KGØVL:

SSB Reports:
17:05 W4DEX-DEX: KP2AE SSB 56 peaks, quick fades into noise

17:06 WY3T-TIM: No SSB here

17:07 WW8II-BRUCE: NO SSB seen or heard here

17:21 KG0VL-JEFF: WW8II heard weak on SSB, then gone below the noise.

17:21 W4DEX-DEX: Very weak SSB detected

17:24 W4DEX-DEX: KP2AE SSB quick 57 peaks, then quick fades into noise

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