Monday, June 10, 2019

160M propagation was found to be noticeably better today during the test.  KGØVL was able to detect CW from WW8II at 443 miles. WG3FU was S5 SSB copy at WW8II.  WA4PGI was 599 on CW and S7 SSB copy at W4DEX.  WA4PGI was also copied at KP2AE and WA1AC.  AB4AM on CW was 579 at W4DEX with very slow QSB down to 529.  AB4AM was also copied by KP2AE and WA1AC.  Over the shortest path of 51 miles KP2AE was difficult to copy at times at W4DEX.  The slow QSB was also noticed on this short path.  

Better propagation on LF has been observed a few days after a period of geomagnetic activity.  The KP index hit 5 on June the 8th.  

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