Friday, September 20, 2019

Propagation has been improving recently.  Initially today KGØVL heard WW8II weak on CW at 1641 but copy was very good on a repeat at 1649.  WW8II initially detected CW from KGØVL then the signal peaked to good copy for about 10 seconds at 1653.  WW8II also detected CW from AB4AM.  AB4AM heard WA1AC and WA4LDU on SSB and he was good copy at those two stations.  No one heard at K5HFG and he was heard by no one.  

W4DEX was not present to transmit but was recording the activity.  WW8II was perfect Q5 about 589 copy for the entire 2 minute CW transmission.  A sample of the 510 mile reception at this link:

AB4AM was strong on three modes, SSB CW and AM at W4DEX.  WA4LDU and WA1AC was also above a recent average signal level. 

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