Wednesday, January 11, 2023

11 January 2023

CW Reports:
KG0VL-JEFF: 2 minute CW schedule: KGØVL 1710, KØAWU 1712, K5HFG 1714, W4DEX 1716
17:12 K0AWU-BILL: KG0VL -- START -- 27db, 27db, 30db, 30db, at 1 MIN 30db, 30db, 30db, 30-26db, at END 30db

17:12 K5HFG-DON: KG0VL no detect

17:12 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL CW 549 most of transmission

17:14 W4DEX-DEX: K0AWU CW not heard, very weak visual detection again today

17:15 K5HFG-DON: K0AWU no detect

17:15 KG0VL-JEFF: KØAWU: 549 average with qsb and several steep fades

17:15 W4DEX-DEX: K5HFG CW no signal detected

17:16 K0AWU-BILL: K5HFG -- Nothing heard or detected with SpecLab

17:17 KG0VL-JEFF: No copy from K5HFG

17:18 KP2AE-JOE: no DX today w4dex 589-539 some qsb fair day for locals

17:18 K0AWU-BILL: W4DEX -- Detected almost 100% of the period. a few brief loss of signal for 2-3 sec. Lost 7sec in the middle of last 15sec sequence

17:18 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX: 539 full transmission, little to no qsb.

17:21 K5HFG-DON: W4DEX no detect

Received at W4DEX:

SSB Reports:
17:02 W4DEX-DEX: KP2AE SSB S2 to S3


17:19 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX now 4X1 SSB

17:22 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL SSB 4x1 QSO

17:22 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX 41-51 SSB QSO

17:23 W4DEX-DEX: KP2AE SSB interesting S5 instant peaks

17:24 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX still good on SSB

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