Sunday, June 4, 2023

1899KHz PRE NET TESTING FOR 06-04-2023

Start 1522ut
End 1540ut

WW8II transmits a 7 to 10 second 1KW CW carrier every 1 minute

W4DEX receives and records the signal using Spectrum Lab a 510mile SE path


after the 1 minute 10 second testing:
did a 30 second CW carrier @ 1544ut
did a 45 second CW Carrier @ 1545ut
did a 1 minute CW carrier @ 1550ut

1522ut D layer 9.25db, Solar event C2.00
1525ut D layer 9.00db, Solar event C1.92
1530ut D layer 9.00db, Solar event C1.85
1535ut D layer 9.00db, Solar event C1.83
1540ut D layer 8.00db, Solar event C1.78

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