Monday, May 27, 2019

Signals at 100 miles and less today was down from what has been recently normal.  Both the KP2AE and WA4LDU path to W4DEX was fair to poor at times.  The 216 miles path between AB4AM to W4DEX was about normal.  As usual, AB4AM running 1.5 kw on SSB was good copy at KP2AE, WA4LDU, and W4DEX.  WW8II/4 operating at AB4AM's QTH was very good copy on CW at W4DEX, KP2AE and WA4LDU.  A quick CW QSO was made between WW8II/4 and W4DEX.  KGØVL reported hearing no one nor was his CW heard over the 700+ mile path to all others on frequency.  

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