Monday, May 6, 2019

There were several minor C-class Solar X-ray events this morning.  Recently KP2AE and W4DEX have been meeting briefly at 1400 UT on 1899 kHz due to 60M propagation being uncertain.  Today at 1400 UT the short 51-mile path was unusable at 100 watts.  A check of the current D-Layer ionization map indicated why propagation was poor.  There was another quick X-ray burst just a few minutes prior to 1400 UT.  See the map below.

At 1630 D-layer ionization had subsided enough the KP2AE / W4DEX path was useable but still noticeably weaker and more variable than normal.  W4DEX heard WA4PGI on CW with a weak but Q5 519 signal.  WA4PGI did not reply to several calls from W4DEX.  KW4DE and W4NUS checked in also reporting weak and variable signals from KP2AE.  2 minute CW transmissions were made between KGØVL, WW8II and W4DEX.  No signal was detected between any of those stations.


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