Tuesday, August 23, 2022

23 August 2022

08-23-2022 Pre net TEST

WW8II (EN82GF) transmits a 1kw CW with ID for 6sec every 1 minute interval 

W4DEX (EM95tg) Receives and records the signals, a 510-mile path

Solar flux was 103, A-index =7, K-index =1

1418ut 0db absorption B2.18 solar, SW 450km/s Density 3.32p/cm3,PHI 327
1420ut 0db absorption B2.18 solar, SW 443km/s, Density 3.32p/cm3 PHI 328
1425ut 0db, B2.18, 443km/s, 3.93p/cm3,
1430ut 0db, B2.11, 445km/s, 4.16p/cm3, 328
1435ut 0db, B2.03, 442km/s, 4.22p/cm3, 331
1440ut 0db, B2.03, 440km/s, 3.82p/cm3, 333
1445ut 0db, B2.17, 441km/s, 4.11p/cm3, 340
1450ut, 0db, B2.21 450km/s, 3.93p/cm3, 339
1455ut 0db, B2.54, 441km/s, 3.97p/cm3, 339
1500ut 0db, B2.81, 437km/s, 3.81p/cm3, 356
1505ut 0db, B3.09, 444km/s, 4.56p/cm3, 329
1510ut 0db, B2.88, 444km/s, 4.09p/cm3, 338
1515ut 0db, B2.93, 440km/s, 3.83p/cm3, 343
1525ut 0db, B2.82, 435km/s, 346p/cm3, 344
1530ut 0db, B3.32, 435km/s, 3.43p/cm3, 348
1535ut 0db, B3.27, 435km/s, 3.44p/cm3, 348
1540ut 1.5db, B5.83, 434km/s, 3.34p/cm3, 348
1545ut 1.0db, B4.62, 435km/s, 3.36p/cm3 346
1550ut .5db, B4.12 440km/s, 3.91p/cm3, 342
1555ut .25db, B3.81 441km/s, 3.62p/cm3, 332
1600ut .1db, B3.58 438km/s, 3.78p/cm3, 354

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