Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Propagation out to a few hundred miles was better than normal today with good signal levels between AB4AM, WA1AC, WA4LDU, W2AZQ and W4DEX.  On the longer paths WW8II was only 339 at W4DEX.  KGØVL also reported a weak signal from WW8II.

WW8II reported hearing AB4AM on CW good enough to confirm the call.  He also reported detecting CW from W4DEX and KGØLV.  WW8II's Shared Apex Loop, "SAL" receive antenna appears to be working well considering W4DEX is running 3 dB less power.

Nothing was detected form KE8GC, KGØVL and K4HFG by the NC and SC stations.

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