Thursday, October 24, 2019

We experienced fairly good propagation on the more distant paths today but only on the QSB peaks.

 On the shorter paths signals were weak but had quick peaks.
 Normally CW from AB4AM at W4DEX averages 589 to 599 on CW on the 217 mile path.  Today the signal was below the noise with near S9 peaks.  Audio file and graphic of the signal:

Graphic of the fast QSB on AB4AM

Notice how weak the signal is at the start.


W2AZQ detected CW during K5HFG's transmit period.  This is the second time W2AZQ detected K5HFG's CW while no one else to the east did.  The two stations are very close to the same latitude.  

16:30 W4DEX-DEX:  Short path to KP2AE weaker than normal
          with erratic QSB

16:30 W4DEX-DEX: AB4AM also much weaker than normal

16:31 KP2AE-JOE: AB4AM is 54 here

16:36 WW8II-BRUCE: KG0VL CW 559

16:37 WW8II-BRUCE: making S meter jump to S8

16:39 WW8II-BRUCE: Detecting K5HFG CW unable to copy

16:40 KG0VL-JEFF: I hear Don sending "VVV de K5HFG"

16:40 KG0VL-JEFF: Weak, but there for the duration

16:41 WW8II-BRUCE: AB4AM CW now 519 to 539

16:41 WW8II-BRUCE: AB4AM now 44 at best

16:41 KG0VL-JEFF: AB4AM coming in here as well, should
          be workable

16:41 WW8II-BRUCE: AB4AM back to 519

16:41 W4DEX-DEX: Very erratic signal strength from AB4AM
           .....recording and will display on the blog

16:42 WW8II-BRUCE: AB4AM now 539

16:42 K5HFG: copy AB4AM >519 into the noise 219 at best

16:43 KP2AE-JOE: AB4AM on CW was 559 to 579 W4DEX
          is 599

16:43 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX now weak on CW

16:45 AB4AM-ROB: W4DEX was very weak in the noise

16:46 AB4AM-ROB: No copy on WW8II

16:47 W4DEX-DEX: Wild QSB on WW8II also

16:49 AB4AM-ROB: Yep W4DEX was coming out of the noise
          then gone (poof)

16:50 KG0VL-JEFF: My biggest surprise was to hear K5HFG
          in Mississippi. I heard everyone today except for KP2AE.

16:51 WW8II-BRUCE: GOOD 559 QSO with W4DEX and KG0VL

16:51 WW8II-BRUCE: Good SSB contact with KG0VL Q5 copy

16:52 WW8II-BRUCE: Good SSB contact with W4DEX Q5
          some QSB

16:52 WW8II-BRUCE: I was using the SAL antenna could
          not copy on the inverted V antenna


16:53 KG0VL-JEFF: Fargo, North Dakota AM BCB station still
          strong here and my 100 mile distant TIS signal weak.
          Just like two days previous.

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