Sunday, November 20, 2022

PRE NET test 11-20-2022

Start 1601ut
END 1635ut

WW8II transmits a 5-7 sec 1kw CW carrier with id every 1 minute

W4DEX Receives and recorde the signal using Spectrum lab a 510mile path

WW8II notes:

1601ut D layer 1.0db, solar event B4.88
1605ut D layer 1.0db, Solar event B5.15
1610ut D layer 2.0db, Solar event B6.60
1616ut D layer 3.0db, Solar event B7.32
1620ut D layer 3.5db, Solar event B7.50
1625ut D layer 3.5db, Solar event B7.22
1630ut D layer 2.5db, Solar event B6.21
1635ut D layer 1.5db, Solar event B5.82

Also note that the sun's concentration is now at least 19 degrees S. latitude below the equator, and a longitude of approx. 70deg west

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