Wednesday, November 30, 2022

PRE NET TEST 11-30-2022

Start 1605ut - End 1640ut


1605ut D layer 5db, Solar event C1.08
1610ut D layer 5db, Solar event C1.06
1615ut D layer 10db, Solar event C2.77
1617ut D layer 13db, Solar event C3.01 PEAK
1620ut D layer 12db, Solar event C2.56
1625ut D layer 8.5db, Solar event C1.78
1630ut D layer 7.0db, Solar event C1.37
1653ut D layer 5.0db, Solar event C1.13
1640ut D later 4.8db, Solar event C1.00

NOTE that the center for the sun intensity is located approx. 20deg S latitude.

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