Monday, December 9, 2019

We experienced a lot of QSB on both local and distant signals today.   KGØVL was 589 and K5HFG was 549 at W4DEX.  Below is a recording of both stations. 

KG0VL and K5HFG at W4DEX

17:30 K5HFG: Copy W4DEX SSB 53

17:32 KG0VL-JEFF: Hearing W4DEX on SSB

17:34 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL Q5 55 SSB

17:35 K5HFG: Copy KG0VL 54.

17:41 W4DEX-DEX: KG0VL initially 589, very little QSB for the 2 min duration

17:41 KP2AE-JOE: KG0VLl 519

17:42 W4DEX-DEX: Lot of QSB on KP2AE and K4FI

17:43 W4DEX-DEX: K5HFG 549 with QSB close to noise at the

17:44 K5HFG: Copy KV0VL 519

17:45 K4FI-DOUG: Heard KG0VL CW at beginning good, but then faded. Heard K5HFG barely at the beginning.

17:46 K5HFG: copy DEX 549 solid QSB down to noise and now 549

17:46 KG0VL-JEFF: Only heard W4DEX about the last 20 seconds or so and that was so weak it was hard to hear. Hard to believe we just worked a few minutes ago on SSB.

17:49 K5HFG: I  hear W4DEX about 53 on peaks

17:50 K5HFG: QSB is interfering more than it appears

17:53 KG0VL-JEFF: W4DEX just above the noise on ssb for about twenty seconds and then is gone.

17:53 K5HFG: Very deep long fades

17:56 W4DEX-DEX: Lot of QSB on locals and distant stations today.

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