Saturday, February 11, 2023

 PRE NET TESTING 02-11-2023 

Start 1502ut

End 1636ut


There was a X1.16 flare @1548ut in (3217) with a D layer of 35db+ absorption

WW8II transmits a 5 to 7 second 1kw CW carrier with ID every 1 minute

W4DEX receives and records the signal using Spectrum Lab a 510 mile path

1600ut D layer 29.00db, Solar event M1.54  No transmit data 

1602ut D layer 25.25db, Solar event M1.29

1605ut D layer 24.00db, Solar event M1.06

1610ut D layer 20.25db, solar event C7.91

1615ut D layer 19.00db, Solar event C6.40

1620ut D layer 16.50db, Solar event C5.24

1626ut D layer 15.00db, Solar event C4.27

1630ut D layer 14.00db, Solar event C3.65

1636ut D layer 12.50db, Solar event C3.22

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