Tuesday, February 28, 2023

PreNet TESTING 02-28-2023

WW8II transmits a 5to 7 second 1KW CW carrier with id every 1 minute

W4DEX receives and records the signal using Spectrum Lab a 510 mile path

WW8II notes:

1555ut Solar wind was 606KM/s, Density 0.10p/cm3
1621ut Solar wind was 577Km/s, Density 0.66p/cm3

After the net 1751ut D layer 35.00+ db, Solar event M8.62

1555ut D layer 6.00db, Solar event C1.49
1600ut D layer 6.50db, Solar event C1.53
1605ut D layer 7.50db, Solar event C1.63
1611ut D layer 7.50db, Solar event C1.97
1615ut D layer 12.00db, Solar event C4.07
1620ut D layer 17.00db, Solar event C5.60
1622ut D layer 17.50db, Solar event C5.82 PEAKED
1625ut D layer 17.00db, Solar event C5.51
1630ut D layer 15.50db, Solar event C4.81
1635ut D layer 15.00db, Solar event C4.20

RX Loop antenna
RX Vertical Wire Antenna

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