Friday, February 10, 2023

PRE NET TESTING 02-10-2023

Start 1600ut
End 1630ut

WW8II transmits a 5 to 7 second 1KW CW Carrier with id every 1 minute

W4DEX Receives and records the signal using Spectrum Lab a 510 mile path


During the regular NET TIME KG0VL @ 808 miles was stronger than WW8II 510 miles @ W4DEX receiving station and I WW8II copied KG0VL 519 to 529 his entire transmission

1621ut there appears to be an unknown extra signal in the data will disregard as someone other than WW8II tuning up

1556ut D layer 27.00db, Solar event M1.54 NO SIGNAL transmitted at this time

1600ut D layer 28.00db, Solar event M1.66
1601ut D layer 28.00db, Solar event M1.70 PEAKED in (3213) NW part of the sun
1605ut D layer 28.00db, Solar event M1.55
1610ut D layer 25.00db, Solar event M1.32
1615ut D layer 24.00db, Solar event M1.07
1620ut D layer 21.50db, Solar event C8.86
1625ut D layer 20.00db, Solar event C8.07
1630ut D layer 20.00db, Solar event C7.87

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