Saturday, February 15, 2020

15 February 2020
Today's propagation appears to have returned closer to a recent normal.  KGØVL reported receiving AB4AM 539 with no QSB for the full two minute transmission.  AB4AM received KGØVL 439.  WA4LDU copied AB4AM 5x7 on SSB.  W4DEX, recording with an original prototype RF-SPACE SDR-IQ receiver, copied KGØVL steady 559, AB4AM 589 and WA4LDU 579.  K5HFG who was heard yesterday by KGØVL was not heard today.
17:32 AB4AM-ROB: AB4AM Calling K5HFG SSB

17:34 K5HFG: Can not copy any SSB

17:35 WA4LDU-JOE: Rob, I copy you but just above the noise

17:35 AB4AM-ROB: Thought I heard some SSB but, can not confirm

17:39 KG0VL-JEFF: AB4AM 539 no qsb, Q5 entire 2 minutes

17:39 WA4LDU-JOE: AB4AM CW 589

17:40 K5HFG: AB4AM no copy

17:41 AB4AM-ROB: WA4LDU 559 fade to 219 for 3 sec Q5 though

17:42 K5HFG: WA4LDU no copy

17:42 KG0VL-JEFF: Could not hear WA4LDU

17:43 AB4AM-ROB: K4HFG No Copy so far

17:44 AB4AM-ROB: KG0VL 219

17:45 AB4AM-ROB: K5HFG No Copy

17:45 WA4LDU-JOE: K5HFG no copy

17:45 AB4AM-ROB: KG0VL Up to 439

17:46 WA4LDU-JOE: KG0VL CW no copy

17:46 KG0VL-JEFF: No copy from K5HFG

17:46 K5HFG: KG0VL no copy

17:47 K5HFG: Skunked

17:47 AB4AM-ROB: WA4LDU SSB 52

17:48 WA4LDU-JOE: Rob, not hearing anyone else on this end.

17:49 AB4AM-ROB: Hearing SSB in the noise.. Can't tell who it is

17:49 WA4LDU-JOE: AB4AM peaked at 57 with a 53 noise level at one point

17:49 K5HFG: I hear no SSB signals

17:49 AB4AM-ROB: Now I'm getting a washing machine noise

17:50 K5HFG: Loud Buzz S3

17:51 AB4AM-ROB: I am getting it on my P3... Out of the N.W.

17:53 KG0VL-JEFF: How about 15 seconds of dashes Rob at 1755?

17:56 KG0VL-JEFF: Still soundin' good on CW up here Rob

17:56 AB4AM-ROB: KG0VL 329 then fade to the noise

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