Tuesday, February 4, 2020

4 February 2020

KP2AE, WA4LDU, K4FI, and KW4DE reported very strong signals on the short paths today.  Long paths were fairly good also.  KW4DE had solid copy on KGØVL's two minute CW transmission.  
KØAWU reported KGØVL's signal as high as 57 dB above the noise.  KØAWU also had QSOs with KC9TCV at 631 miles and KCØIEK at 386 miles.  KGØVL reported a 5x3 QSO with KA9FTM.  KA9FTM was 5x5 into NC as recorded by W4DEX. 

Also as recorded at W4DEX: 



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