Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Another good mid-day on 160 meters.  Best contact was between K3TUF and KW4DE at 413 miles.  K3TUF was heard by everyone except KD4AMP in FL and AB2UE who checked in late just happening to find daytime activity on the band.     All stations within 300 miles of each other were QSO quality at times.  WB4EZ had a quick 300 mile QSO with W2AZQ.  The QSB rate was fairly fast. 

Stations on today:

WB4EZ    Johnny
W2AZQ   Carl
KW4DE   Darrell  
WA4PGI  Gene
AD4HG   Fred
K3TUF   Phil
WA1AC  Clint
AB2UE    Terry
W4DEX   Dex 

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