Friday, December 14, 2018

Today we saw good propagation out to 300 miles.  Present today was WA4LDU, KP2AE, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, WA1AC and W4DEX.  Some QSB but less than on most days.  Everyone was able to make a valid QSO with Q5 copy most of the time over the longest path 300 mile path between WA4LDU and WB4EZ.  N2CEI planned to be present but was absent due to thunderstorms.

Longest paths made today:

WA4LDU to WB4EZ    300 miles
WA4LDU to WA4PGI   273 miles
WA1AC   to  WB4EZ    262 miles
WA1AC   to  WA4PGI   250 miles
KP2AE   to   WB4EZ    247 miles
KP2AE   to   WA4PGI  199 miles

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