Monday, December 31, 2018

Propagation on the last day of the year was poor between most of those present.  Stations on that we are aware of were K4CFZ, KP2AE, WA4LDU, WB4EZ, WA4PGI, N2CEI and W4DEX.

WB4EZ was S2 at W4DEX going into the noise at times.  WA4LDU was about the same at W4DEX,  KP2AE was also lower than what has been the normal only reaching S5 at times.  K4CFZ is in the near field of W4DEX so his signal is always S9 via ground wave.  

The only maybe slightly above average path was between N2CEI and W4DEX at 378 miles.  N2CEI was Q5 SSB most of the time at W4DEX.  N2CEI was also copied by all except WB4EZ.

WA4PGI was on but had treadmill QRM.  

MP3 audio for N2CEI on CW at W4DEX:

Notice the QSB toward the end of the transmission.  

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