Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Only three stations on today that we are aware of.  KP2AE, WB4EZ and W4DEX.  The 200 mile path between WB4EZ and W4DEX was fair to poor.  Signals were S2 at best with QSB taking copy into the noise.  The 250 mile path between KP2AE and WB4EZ produced about 10% copy at KP2AE.  We did noticed that KP2AE to WB4EZ path was best when the WB4EZ to W4DEX path faded close to the noise.  The 50 mile KP2AE to W4DEX path was excellent with near steady S9 signals.  There has been times in the past that signals between KP2AE to W4DEX were nonexistent.  

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