Sunday, December 16, 2018

I wasn't home today for the daily 1900 khz propagation test but I did have a recorder running.  The only signal heard was a few weak CW transmissions from Gene, WA4PGI.  This indicates propagation was again way below what we experienced the first few weeks in December.  Solar X-ray flux was low and the geomagnetic field was quiet.   Just as we were starting to think the lower sun angle on the northern hemisphere may be the reason propagation was good during the first few weeks of the month we hit a few poor days in a row.  

What was heard from WA4PGI today:

Update:  I just learned Johnny, WB4EZ, was on today.  He made a few calls but wasn't heard by WA4PGI or on my recording.  Also WA4PGI did hear some weak unidentifiable CW but did not hear WB4EZ.  Further indicating propagation was poor today.  

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