Friday, December 21, 2018

Very interesting propagation today on 1900 kHz.  WW8II in Michigan showed up.  Bruce was good SSB QSO quality about 90% of the time with W4DEX, 510 miles.  WW8II also had a partial QSO with WB4EZ, 450 miles, and WA4LDU at 580 miles.  WW8II was also Q5 copy most of the time at KP2AE and K4CFZ.  

Conditions between the closer in stations were marginal at best.  WA4LDU was only S2 at W4DEX.  KP2AE was about S3 today vs S9+ a few days ago.  WB4EZ was better than the past few days but still way down from what we saw during the first two weeks of December.  

So if WW8II had not shown up we would have considered this to be a marginal propagation day.  This indicates the propagation quality we see out to several miles is no indication of what longer paths may be.    

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