Saturday, December 8, 2018

Present today was KP2AE, WA4PGI, AD4HG and W4DEX.   Propagation was fair but way down from yesterday on the KP2E to WA4PGI path.  KP2AE to W4DEX was down from recent days.  AD4HG at W4DEX was S3 but fading close to noise level at times.  WA4PGI to W4DEX was stable at around S3.  

Although the 175 mile path from WA4PGI to W4DEX wasn't strong there were many days during the summer when we either could not hear each other or had to use CW.  Also on a few occasions the 50 mile path between KP2AE and W4DEX was almost non existent.  KP2AE could detect 700 watts from W4DEX but KP2AE's 100 watts was not detectable in the other direction.  

So far the month of December has been noticeably better than what we have experienced during the past year.  Possibly because of less D layer absorption due to lower sun angle?  


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