Monday, December 10, 2018

Present today was KP2AE, K4CFZ, KD4RLD, WB4EZ, AD4HG, WA4PGI, K3TUF and W4DEX.  Everyone was heard by KP2AE, K4CFZ, KD4RLD and W4DEX.  K3TUF on CW peaked 579 while working WA4PGI.  WA4PGI WB4EZ and AD4HG were Q5 SSB copy by all in NC/SC.

WA4PGI commented that propagation was down today based on not copying me well.  But he was unaware that I was running 100 watts to a multiband wire instead of 750 watts to a high inverted L antenna.  I'll work toward putting up a dedicated 160 meter antenna but that's not likely to happen soon.  


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