Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Conditions today was good at 200 miles but down from what has become the recent normal this month.  WB4EZ at 200 miles was S6 at W4DEX with QSB down to S1 at times.  KP2AE had some Q5 copy on WB4EZ , 200 miles, at times.  WA4LDU could detect WB4EZ at 300 miles.  K3TUF also showed up but his signal was down from previous days with CW peaking about 539 at W4DEX.

Propagation so far during December is considerable better than we experienced during the summer months.  Perhaps because of the lower sun angle providing less ultraviolet radiation for ionization of the D layer region?  These test started in the last few days of December 2017.  The only day during that time that stood out was the 29th of December 2017.  We have seen much better propagation for more than a month prior to the winter solstice.  So not experiencing the same fair to good propagation a month after the winter solstice doesn't support the lower sun angle theory. 

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