Sunday, April 7, 2019

Conditions today was very close to a repeat of yesterday.  At less than 100 miles both KD4RLD and WA1AC were good copy most of the time with deep fades into the noise at W4DEX.  

CW sent by WW8II was again barely detectable at W4DEX (510 miles) but good copy at KGØVL (443 miles).  A second transmission by WW8II was a bit weaker at KGØVL.  No signal was detected by either WW8II, KGØVL and N4EIO on a CW transmission from W4DEX.

CONTINUED ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu
Continuation of Serial Number: 2925
Begin Time: 2019 Apr 05 1400 UTC
Yesterday Maximum 2MeV Flux: 8560 pfu

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