Friday, April 19, 2019

The band was very noisy today with QRN.  Even with all the QRN WW8II's CW was heard at KGØVL, 443 miles, and W4DEX, 510 miles.  WW8II was able to detect KGØVL's CW in the noise.  KGØVL was not heard by either W4DEX, KP2AE, WA4LDU or WA1AC.  N8CVV, located approximately 35miles north of WW8II, logged on NetLogger and expressed an interest in the propagation study.  

The short 51 mile path between W4DEX and KP2AE was again much weaker than the 73 mile path to WA1AC and the 103 mile path to WA4LDU.   Just as WA1AC was signing off his signal level jumped dramatically about 20 dB.   Then tapered off gradually.  This has condition has been reported by several operators over the past 16 months of midday operating.  Now we have a recording of this sudden increase:  WA1AC almost instant 20 dB enhancement
At the same time this unusual enhancement was happening KP2AE later reported what was earlier an S9 signal from W4DEX became very weak with poor copy.  

The GOES 15 solar X-ray level chart seems to have been reset or recalibrated?

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