Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Propagation again today was fair at short distances but poor otherwise.  A very small solar x-ray flux event occurred just prior to 1530 UT today.  However, we experienced much larger solar x-ray levels a year ago that didn't seem to hurt propagation at over 100 miles. 

KP2AE's signal at 51 miles from W4DEX was good and more stable than yesterday.  KP2AE was copying AB4AM at 165 miles very well but the power and location noise differences prevented a QSO.  AB4AM did complete a QSO with KE4RQT at 40 miles.  Only weak signals were detected on the  216-mile path between AB4AM and W4DEX.

KGØVL on CW was not heard by AB4AM, KP2AE or W4DEX.  CW from W4DEX was not heard over the 808-mile path to KGØVL.  

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