Monday, April 8, 2019

Very poor propagation today.  This is likely due to increased D layer ionization caused by higher hard X-rays in the 1 to 8 Angstrom range.  This X-ray band is measured by a sensor on the GOES 15 satellite and is indicated by the red line in the bottom chart below. 

The most distant reception made was only 165 miles from the 1500 watt station of AB4AM as received by KP2AE.  AB4AM was not heard the additional 51 miles at W4DEX.  Both KP2AE and W4NUS was very weak copy at W4DEX.  Considering the short 51 and 24 mile distance to W4DEX what signal was heard was likely ground wave. 

No one detected the 1400 watt CW transmission from WW8II and the 750W signal from KGØVL.  Neither of those two stations plus AB4AM detected a 750W transmission from W4DEX.

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