Thursday, April 4, 2019

There was a small solar x-ray spike about 45 minutes before our test started today.  That may have been responsible for the fast deep QSB fades we experienced.  W2AZQ at 100 miles averaged S4 at W4DEX but the signal strength fluctuated from a peak of S8 all the way into the noise within a few seconds at one point.  KP2AE at 51 miles averaged S5 at W4DEX also with quick fades into the noise at times. 

WW8II on CW was heard just prior to 1630 UT by W4DEX at 510 miles but the signal was not copyable.  KGØVL also detected CW from WW8II on the same transmission and also on a second transmission at approximately 1645 UT.  A CW transmission by W4DEX was not detected by either WW8II or KGØVL. 

Note on the chart below how the solar wind speed increased after the flare and how erratic the speed was during the test today. 

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