Thursday, April 18, 2019

The most noticeable propagation variable today was the QSB swings observed on signals under 200 miles.  Signal levels ranged from a high of S7 to SØ, no signal detected, on an IC-7300 S-meter using a 7-foot diameter tuned loop.  This was seen on SSB transmission from KP2AE, WA1AC, W2AZQ, and WA4PGI received at W4DEX.  

The first CW transmission from WW8II was heard at both KGØVL, 443 miles, and W4DEX, 510 miles.  A second transmission was not heard at W4DEX and was weaker at KGØVL.  A CW transmission from KGØVL was not heard at WW8II or W4DEX nor was a transmission by W4DEX heard at WW8II or KGØVL.  WW8II operates with 3 dB more power than KGØVL and W4DEX.

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