Sunday, April 14, 2019

WW8II on CW was again heard but was very poor copy at KGØVL.  The signal was barely detected at W4DEX.  No one reported hearing a CW transmission from KGØVL.  N3EIO was monitoring but didn't report hearing anyone. 

Even though there were no distant contacts made today we observed some very interesting local propagation.   Signal levels between KP2AE, WA4LDU and W4DEX ranged from barely detectable to moderately strong.  On the 51 mile path, KP2AE's SSB ranged from barely detectable to very good copy then back close to the noise over about a 30 second period at W4DEX.  The signal ratio was determined to be close to a 40 dB swing using a signal generator.  About the same large change in signal level at about the time period was observed multiple times between all three stations.  This has been observed just a few times over the past 16 months of mid midday operating.  

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