Friday, April 12, 2019

There were a few X-ray spikes earlier in the day that was higher than yesterday.  But we found propagation to be noticeably better today.  Perhaps that due to the quick X-ray spikes versus the longer duration X-ray event yesterday.  

WW8II on CW was detectable but not readable today at W4DEX.  KGØVL did not copy WW8II most likely due to loosing his best receive antenna during a recent storm.  AB4AM detected a weak signal on WW8II's initial CW transmission but not on the second one.  

 AB4AM on SSB was good copy at KP2AE and WA4LDU.  AB4AM was Q5 but weak at W4DEX.

KP2AE and WA4LDU had a better signal at W4DEX than during the past several days.  WA4PGI on CW was 539 at W4DEX.  AD4HG and WA4PGI was heard in QSO by KP2AE.  AD4HG was weak but readable at W4DEX

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