Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We saw a noticeable improvement in propagation today.  There no was no .1 to .8 nanometer X-ray spikes above 1e-7th Watts per meter squared after about 0600 UT today. 👀?  Perhaps that caused less D-layer ionization.

KGØVL had good reception on the CW transmission from WW8II at 443 miles.  WW8II did not copy the KGØVL CW transmission probably due to 3 dB less power transmitted and a higher receive noise level at WW8II.  It has become obvious KGØVL has both an excellent receive antenna system and a low noise environment.  Also, WW8II has a great transmit antenna and near legal limit power.

In the NC and SC area, locals signal were much stronger today but still had some deep quick fades.  KP2AE, WA4LDU, WA1AC, WA4PGI and KW4DE were all good copy most of the time at W4DEX.  The only station that went into the noise at times was the most distant, WA4PGI at 175 miles.  

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