Friday, February 1, 2019

Good participation today.  Stations heard by W4DEX were WA4PGI (S5), WA4LDU (S5), KP2AE (S7), W4NUS (S5), KW4DE (S9), and KD4MDA (S3).  WA1AC was on briefly saying he was copying all the above Q5.

KGØVL was on but after multiple tries with W4DEX on CW no QSO was made.   However KGØVL was able to make a complete contact with KE8USA at 560 miles with KE8USA reporting a good signal from KGØVL.

The 425 mile path between KE8USA and W4DEX was tried several times but no contact was made.

Seems odd the 560 mile East/West path was good but the 425 mile North/South path didn't exist

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