Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today WB4EZ's signal was weak but readable at W4DEX but the path seems to be better in the reverse direction.  WB4EZ was experiencing some freezing rain at his QTH so it's possible ice on his antenna was the reason for the signal difference.  KP2AE was the usual S8 at W4DEX.  KP2AE checked in after WB4EZ went QRT so there was no report on that path.  K4DBK was heard Q5 at both KP2AE and W4DEX but K4DBK did not appear to copy calls to him.  

W4RTT checked in on NetLogger from Covington, KY.  He was able to hear CW from W4DEX at 339 miles but W4DEX did not hear his SSB transmissions.  

KGØVL was on and several times heard weak carriers but did now hear any CW transmissions made by W4DEX.  AMBC station KGBB's carrier was at the noise level at W4DEX.

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