Saturday, February 16, 2019

No significant change in the solar charts today and no significant change in local signals.  W4NUS at W4DEX averaged slightly lower than yesterday at S3.  Unlike yesterday when W4NUS's signal peaked S9 at times there was no noticeable QSB on the 24 mile path today.  WA4LDU was a steady S5 also with no QSB.  WB4EZ was weak but Q5 copy.  

K4DBK had a group on in the PA, MD and Northern VA area.  K4DBK was heard at W4DEX several times but no stronger than S1.  No other stations was heard in that area was heard.  

The real surprise considering the poor conditions was KGØVL in Iowa managed to copy W4DEX on CW at 808 miles.  Hardly QSO quality but detectable.  This shows the capability of a dedicated receive antenna at a low noise QTH.  Click the link below for a short audio file:

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