Sunday, February 17, 2019

Only three participants today for the propagation test.  No signal was detected at KGØVL from several CW transmission by W4DEX.  WA4LDU was again S3, somewhat below a long term normal at W4DEX.  Also there was very noticeable fast QSB nulls on the path.  WB4EZ was heard in QSO with someone prior to 1730 UT by W4DEX.  WB4EZ was S2 and the other station was not heard at W4DEX. 

No sunspots:

Interesting solar activity info below form this URL:

The solar activity has been quiet over the past 24 hours, with the X-ray
flux remaining below B-class level. The large plage region is still present
in the north-east quadrant of the solar disk with a filament observed
across it. Quiet conditions are expected to continue over the next 24

No Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) have been detected in
coronagraph images. The greater than 10MeV proton flux remained at
background levels over the past 24 hours and is expected to remain so.

Over the last 24 hours the solar wind has continued to return to nominal
values, decreasing from approximately 390 to 320 km/s. The total magnetic
field strength fluctuated around 4 nT, while the Bz component fluctuated
between -4 and 2.5 nT. The phi angle was negative at the start of the
period but changed to become predominantly positive at 14:00 UT. The
ambient background solar wind conditions are expected to continue over the
next 24 hours. 

The geomagnetic conditions were quiet to unsettled over the last 24 hours,
with the Kp (NOAA) and the local K (Dourbes) indices ranging between 0-2
and 0-3, respectively. The geomagnetic conditions are expected to continue
to be quiet over the next 24 hours, with the possibility for unsettled
conditions from the 19th due to the influence of the positive polarity
coronal hole, which passed the central meridian on the 16th of February.

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