Saturday, February 2, 2019

Today the solar X-ray flux has returned to a low level but the geomagnetic field was still unsettled and the solar wind was at 600 km/sec.  There are some references online about long wave propagation being best when the solar wind speed is below 200 km/sec.   

Known to be on today was KW4DE, KGØVL, N3EIO, N4AOW, K3TCR, W4BQG and W4DEX.

No signal was detected on the most distant path, KGØVL to W4DEX.  N3EIO was heard by W4DEX but the signal did not support a valid QSO. N3EIO reported a weak QSO with W4BQG.  N4AOW had a useable signal at KW4DE and W4DEX but he reported weak copy in his direction.    

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