Monday, February 25, 2019

Very fast and deep QSB fades today on 1900 kHz.  On today in the NC and SC area was WA1AC, WA4LDU, KP2AE, KW4DE and W4DEX.  All reported strong signals on peaks with fast fades.

WW8II was detectable on CW at KW4DE, WA4LDU and W4DEX.  After several tries a complete exchange was made between WW8II and W4DEX at 510 miles.

KGØVL on CW was detected by KW4DE and W4DEX at over 800 miles but not copyable. 

A brief solar X-ray burst occurred at approximately 1145 UT.  An hour later MWBC station KGBB on 1700 kHz did an unusual dip at W4DEX.  See the graphs below.  Click for larger image.

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  1. As a side note KP2AE, W2AZQ and W4DEX noticed normal propagation on 60M CH1 at 1500UT which almost suddenly dropped and was unstable around 1530UT.