Sunday, February 3, 2019

Today the solar X-ray flux has returned to a low level and the geomagnetic field was down to a Kp index of 2.  

WW8II was operating from his Georgetown, GA location where he was able to make a ~500 mile qso with WA4PGI.  Also WW8II/4 was Q5 copy most of the time over the ~360 mile path to W4DEX.  Both WA1AC and WA4LDU completed a QSO with WW8II/4.

WA4PGI had a partial QSO with K3ACE.  K3ACE was hearing weak CW at times but never was able to ID the station.

CW was tried several times on the KGØVL - W4DEX 808 mile path but no signal was detected either way.  

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