Thursday, February 7, 2019

We had very good propagation out to at least 200 miles today.  WB4EZ was S5 and WA4PGI running more power was S8.  Over a period of about half and hour we experienced hardly no QSB.  Was this due to very low solar X-ray flux and quiet geomagnetic field?

The only other station know to be on was KGØVL in Iowa.  CW was detected both ways between KGØVL and W4DEX at 808 miles but only a partial QSO was made.  

Several time when we have had good stable propagation out to about 200 miles there was very weak if any propagation 800 miles.  When there was good propagation at 800 miles the local signals were much weaker and had a lot of QSB.   

Signal level graph showing three 1700 kHz AM broadcast station as received at W4DEX.  Click on the image to enlarge.  

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