Friday, February 15, 2019

Mid day propagation still seems to be on a steady decline.  All present today reported signals down from what was considered normal several weeks ago.  Solar X-ray flux remains low although a bit higher than what is was several days ago. 

Stations on to day for the test was W2AZQ, W4NUS, KP2AE, WA4PGI, AD4HG, WB4EZ, AB2UE, WA4LDU, WB4WJC and W4DEX.  Signals from the three stations to the north of W4DEX seemed to average much lower than average than the more southerly stations.  WB4EZ was just barely S1, WA4PGI S4 and AD4HG S1.  W2AZQ and WA4LDU averaged S3.  KP2AE who is usually close to S9 was S6.  The closest to W4DEX was W4NUS at 24 miles who was S9.  Even though this is a short distance past test has shown the groundwave signal averages less than S5.  So this was the only path tested today where the skywave signal appears to have been greater than normal.

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