Saturday, February 23, 2019

Good turnout today for the midday test but propagation remains unexciting.  K4DBK activated the Net Logger today.  He made contact with N3ARW, W3BQG and N2CW which was not heard by W4DEX.  K4DBK also had a good signal from WA4PGI and after multiple tries exchanged a report with W4DEX.  K4DBK was S5 at W4DEX ( 308 miles)

In the NC, SC area WA4LDU worked WA1AC, W4NUS, K4CFZ and W4DEX.  WA4LDU also had a partial contact with WA4PGI who lost commercial power during the QSO attempt.  At W4DEX  WA4LDU (103 miles) was S5,  K4CFZ (3.5 miles) S9, WA1AC (73 miles) S7, W4NUS (24 miles) S3 and WA4PGI (176 miles) S5.  QSB was only noticed on the short W4NUS 24 mile path with the signal varying from S2 to S5 quickly.  

KGØVL copied WW8II and was hearing another SSB signal which was not identified.  There was marginal results during a quick CW test with W4DEX (808 miles).  KGØVL had fair copy on W4DEX but the signal was just detectable in the other direction.

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