Wednesday, March 27, 2019

As expected, more like guessed, propagation was noticeably better today.   At W4DEX today WA4PGI on SSB was S5.  KP2AE was 7 with very little QSB.  WW8II on CW was detected by WA4PGI and W4DEX.  Both WA4PGI and WW8II had SSB QSOs with W3BQG.  KP2AE heard W4BQG for about a second.  The signal popped out of the noise like a meteor ping on VHF.  Brief copy like that has been reported several times over the past 15 months by several stations.  

KGØVL copied WW8II on CW.  However, WW8II did not respond to his call.  KGØVL nor WW8II did not detect a 2 minute CW transmission by W4DEX.

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